Green Bay Select Volleyball Club

Badger Region Junior Girls ages 11-18
For those of you that were unable to attend the team meeting please CLICK HERE to pay dues. (Click on Registration)

The apparel for 2017-2018 season needs to be updated. Items may no longer be in stock and prices may have changed. We have a team parent working on apparel for us.

Athlete Conflict Information

These are not excused absences and must be approved by your coach in advance, but will help us when choosing what tournaments to attend.

Some examples: Religion classes (list time), snow ball, christmas and spring break dates for your school district, already planned family vacation/out of town dates, solo and ensemble etc.

Please fill out upon acceptance. If we do not receive a list from you by Sunday Nov 20th, we will assume you have none and will expect 100% attendance at all practices and tournaments chosen.

First Name:
Last Name:
Team Age:
Address Street:
Zip Code: (5 digits)
Best Phone Contact:
Athlete Cell Phone:
Email checked daily:

Enter conflicts in comment section. Please list your dates and times of Religion on Wednesday's.

These are not excused absence. You need to communicate with your coach well in advance so practice can be moved to accommodate the whole team's attendance.
Equipment Needed:
  1. Knee Pads
  2. Black Spandex (Min 1 3/4" inseam)
  3. Volleyball Court Shoes
  4. Jersey  - Short Sleeve can be rented for $10 or
    Long Sleeve Jerseys for $20
Warmup jackets optional

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