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Badger Region Junior Girls ages 11-18

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Welcome to Green Bay Select Club Volleyball

Green Bay S
elect Volleyball Club is dedicated to educating and developing highly skilled volleyball players so they can compete effectively against other clubs.  Our program will offer a safe but fun experience along with intense and competitive practice situations.  Weekend tournament competition gives the athletes the opportunity to showcase what they have learned.

Our coaching staff is knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. Green Bay Select is committed to developing respect between teammates, building self-confidence and stressing personal development. We continually stress only positive encouragement between teammates both on and off the court.
Program Director: Bev Bodart
2016 - 2017  Coaches
Kathi Kampen
Dick VanDen Heuvel
Jen Leanna
Bev Bodart
Mackenzie Van Elzen
Becky Pyne
Jessica Wolf
Austyn Everingham
Katrina Hansen
Crystal Goering

We welcome and encourage athletes to attend tryouts provided by Green Bay Select so they can make an educated decision before selecting a club. Without you we wouldn't be able to keep the program running and provide an alternate choice for girl's to get training in the winter months. Competition of clubs for your daughters sake is good.
With only one club in town you can't weigh your options.....Thanks again.

Be Honorable

Do the right thing. Conduct yourself with a sense of authentic integrity. Put yourself in the other guy's shoes. Leave your ego at the door. Strive for honesty, transparency, and accurate communication.

If you are new to our program and would like more information feel free to contact us with the information below.

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Green Bay Select Volleyball Club
1636 Velp Ave
Green Bay, WI 54303


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